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Article How to change the default Joomla offline page - Joomla 1.5
If you are working on your site and you want to put your site offline for a while, then you will have noticed you get the default Joomla offline...
Views: 21019
Article Different title, keyword and description in every page's
How can I add a different title, keyword and description in every page's <head> of my simple php website dynamically? I have included file...
Views: 18510
Article Magic quotes in joomla 3.0.2
I've been seeing quite a few questions relating to Magic Quotes needing to be turned off in order to install Joomla 3.0 Many of the responses ask...
Views: 18079
Article How to change the default Howdy welcome message in admin to a custom message
To achieve this, copy and paste the code below at the end of your current theme's functions.php file located in...
Views: 16987
Article Fix Error messages when you send and receive in Outlook and Outlook Express
If using MS Outlook, please try the following: 1) Open outlook 2) Go to Tools/Email Accounts 3) Select the Account with the trouble and click...
Views: 16800

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