Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

The Ultimate Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  has been designed for the purpose of storing and maintaining records of all the employees of the organization.  There is a need for businesses to drive strategic growth from HR, and the Ultimate System by SolvIT Solutions can give them the tools needed. This HR software will enable the organizations to optimize the performance of their human resources department.

The features of the Ultimate Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  include the following:

  • Employee database
  • Leave administration
  • Medical allowance utilization tracking
  • Benefits administration – With this data, HR departments are able to report on which employees have certain benefit options and what the costs are to employees and the employer for those plans.
  • Position history – Position control systems associate all departmental changes, salary grade, job title, and data related to open requisitions, to the position.
  • E-Forms
  • Job and pay history
  • Interfaces to Payroll and Time Clock

Payroll System

Integrating payroll management through HR software helps improve cross-business functionality.  Ultimately this improves your businesses capability to track employee time, wage, productivity and more. The features of the Ultimate System’s payroll processing system include:

  • Electronic funds transfer –bank remittance file which can be uploaded directly into banking systems
  • KRA and Statutory requirements compliance – it can produce P9, P10, P10A and P10D reports for the KRA and the NSSF or NHIF monthly contribution reports
  • Batch transaction posting for certain deductions/earnings
  • Import of hours and transactions
  • Run payroll registers to double-check your information before depositing salary in employee’s bank accounts. This allows you to identify errors and adjust them in advance.
  • Leave days sale
  • Unlimited Wage categories, Accruals, Deductions, Taxes.
  • Payroll reports such as pay slips, company payroll summaries, pension, earnings and deductions reconciliation reports, annual reports , cash/bank remittances etc
  • Bank Account – Choose any bank account designated in the system for writing payroll checks.
  • Salary processing for the commission-earning employees.
  • Global pay slip messages
  • Multi-company multi-payroll system – enables different payroll to be created for different cadres of employees’ e.g. permanent staff vs. casuals or junior staff payroll vs. senior staff payroll, different branch payrolls etc.
  • The system can allow any other functionality to be incorporated in order to address your unique needs.

Workforce Time Management System

Attendance tracking and accruals with a manual process is a wasteful time consuming process for those HR departments who don’t have the advantages of an automated HRIS system.

The Time and Attendance system is also built into the HR software. Ultimate System uses Biometric clocking machines which are advanced systems that automatically log employee hours when they clock in and clock out. The Workforce time management solution from SolvIT Solutions has the ability to generate comprehensive reports for management and provide input to the payroll.

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