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Given the significant role ICT plays in enabling service delivery, Ultimate System which is an integrated HR & payroll processing system has been developed to meet the needs of corporate and SME in two core areas. The unique system is designed to enable management of staff an easy and enjoyable responsibility and automating the process of payroll processing will help in managing costs to the business and serve your clients more effectively. It is robust, scalable, ready-to-use package as well as affordable and easy to maintain. It is ideal for companies with a labour establishment of between 10 to 10000 employees.


  1. Flexible HR and Payroll software
  2. Robust, scalable, ready-to-use package.
  3. Employee Database – The employee database contain fields for most of the information you have in an employee file.
  4. Benefits Administration –provide capability of tracking employee benefit data
  5. Unlimited Wage categories, Accruals, Deductions, Taxes.
  6. Multiple simultaneous users in the Network.
  7. Supports different currency and date formats
  8. Support for multiple companies

Payroll System

The system will be capable of performing all the payroll calculations and generating pay slips. Some of the features included are

  • Electronic funds transfer –bank remittance file which can be uploaded directly into banking systems
  • KRA and Statutory requirements compliance – it can produce P9, P10, P10A and P10D reports for the KRA and the NSSF or NHIF monthly contribution reports
  • Batch transaction posting for certain deductions/earnings common to all Import of hours and transactions
  • Posting of the benefits due to an employee – Unlimited number of employer paid expenses and benefits.
  • Leave days sale
  • Unlimited Wage categories, Accruals, Deductions, Taxes.
  • Payroll reports such as pay slips, company payroll summaries, pension, earnings and deductions reconciliation reports, annual reports , cash/bank remittances etc
  • Bank Account – Choose any bank account designated in the system for writing payroll checks.
  • Multi-company multi-payroll system – enables different payroll to be created for different cadres of employees’ eg permanent staff vs casuals or junior staff payroll vs senior staff payroll, different branch payrolls etc.
  • The system can allow any other functionality to be incorporated in order to address your unique needs.

Human Resource System

The system is capable of keeping track of all the active employees, calculate leave balances, and track medical allowance consumption. The features included are:

  • Ability to create new employees or terminate an existing employee, suspend or even blacklist employee,
  • Track changes in employee departments and grades
  • Leave balance maintenance per employee
  • Medical records maintenance for employees with medical allowance Keep track of the staff complimentary per department or employee Payments processing for the short term/casual employees
  • Generate various reports such as employee details report, employee changes report, statistical report, leave and medical details reports etc
  • The system can allow any other functionality to be incorporated in order to address your unique needs.

Technical Specifications

All the systems developed will guarantee the following:

  • Security – this will involve encryption, encoding, creating different user access
  • levels and passwords user, limiting authorization to different features etc
  • Robust Data Access – This program does not use any bound controls for most of the operations thus providing complete control of data access. Transactions based coding assures that the integrity of the data, especially in a multi-user situation. Instant posting assures that balance sheet and other reports convey real-time data.
  • Transactions based data updates – Assures that the relational data integrity is maintained always. Reduces the record locking time and improves network performance in multi-user installations. Improves the speed and performance of these operations
  • Data validation – the entire systems has controls for the validation and verification before data can be committed to the database
  • Export data to different formats – the systems provide means to export certain kind of data to excel, word, pdf etc.
  • User friendliness – the system is flexible and has been designed with the end-
  • user in mind and therefore will communicate to users and provide helpful information in the process of carrying out their duties.
  • Multiple simultaneous users in the Network.
  • Integrated Reporting System – Crystal reports are used. The result is fast reports with complete control over data access with very little overhead. Multi-page reports with tree view type table of contents to access specific locations in the report. Hyperlinked fields for drill-down reporting capability. Use logos in the headers.

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